UFOs & Past Lives My Paranormal Odyssey @ PROBE Conference

The PROBE Conference 2017 presentation was on many subjects that aren’t in the main stream media, or have much coverage on the presentation circuit. These subjects including  photographic evidence & image analysis of t UFO photos from my own experiences spanning a continual journey into the Paranormal Wilderness.

The Paranormal Shaman (Myself Dex Dobie) gives a presentation with a difference due to the amount of photographic evidence and experiences I have had the privilege to be part of over the last 70 years, a lot to show within the 1 hour slot provided.

It is an honour to present to conference the wonders laying dormant within our Energetic DNA structure. Past lives and the way they appear to interfere in a cause and effect motion upon one’s present incarnation which can also causing illness.

Past lives that we all have lived made evident in photos. A new view and concept on vibrational states and thought within the technology of the human body. A look at UFOs in variations of structures and evolutionary terms from various off & on world civilisations. 

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