Channelling Of Goddess Sekhmet


The Sekhmet Connection.

Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian Goddess of war and destruction, plagues and healing. Her name means “The Powerful One,” and She is linked in some tales with Hathor. In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet (also spelled Sachmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet and Sekhet; and given the Greek name, Sacmis), was originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. This is a question and answer session with the entity refered to as the Goddess Sekhmet


                                                                                                                                                                                                 PS… Can you please tell me how you came into being?

Sekhmet… I am known as the first Goddess in Egypt, all be it a myth cultural misunderstanding that has grown up around my existence. I am in my own right a fully conscious being that came about through the needs of those times. I am self-aware and am fully able to interact with any species that requires my assistance. As the being called Sekhmet  I was worshipped and feared by the populace of those times and even today this inaccurate understanding of me persists.


 I have and never was born of the eye of RA. That was the interpretation that was wrongly channelled and passed to the priesthood of those times.


 I am complete within myself as I have always been and have never been capable of the Destruction accredited wrongly to my name, this came about through the priesthoods needs to understand my depth of character but visualised through the imagined fear of those that were acting as channels. I am known by many names in many cultures on your world, but am just one being  filling the evolving belief requirements of the cultures needs as they evolved.


   PS…Are you saying that the goddesses of ancient times such as Roman, Hindu, Greek, Samaria and even Gaia were all you?


Sekhmet…The human ability to understand their own thought forming materializations within my being is not ready to be understood at this moment in time of your asking.


PS…Please consider giving us some basic insight as to your reference regarding “Our thought forming materializations?”.

Sekhmet…When you as individual self-aware beings begin to imagine through the thought process and empower the said same with imagined feelings be them of a loving or fearful nature due to there being only two feelings behind all feelings with your fractured realities and that is not the whole truth as there is only one feeling which is the generator of all of everything imaginable you express it as a feeling of Love.


 Love is the awareness within any evolving sentient being’s conscious awareness of high instinctive feelings, it can be said that it is the natural evolution of consciousness to reach for the purest expression of its own awareness.

PS…Are there any Gods or Goddess’s that were not of your  manifesting abilities?

Sekhmet…That is not possible due to what I am. All and everything I am. Forget the numerous titles that have been given to me or the imagined characteristics that I am accredited to have. I am beyond any mind thought or imagined feeling. Nowhere in any form of my individualized formed existence is there an individualfragmented fragment of me (That’s you and me) that can know my truth of being.

(The reference to us being Fragmented for me is a fact as I was shown this to be physically true but it will be referred to in my unfinished book if I ever get it finished)

PS…Are you saying that we are individualized fragments of your whole being?



Sekhmet… That is as near to any truth that can be understood by the human mind now in your history. Fragmentation is possible due to your own disbelief I yourselves and is not a form of punishment or trick on your own part. I did not invent or have any say or action in all your beliefs about yourselves as to the unacceptable of who you truly are.

PS… Can I ask you about a belief that this too me a mythical being called the devil is an invention of mankind’s feared imagination?.

Sekhmet… This entity is still very much alive in your species minds, even though it is not a being of physicality but a figment of imagination brought about through superstition beliefs in times in the past. “Fear nothing but fear itself” is an expression on your world that has much wisdom.  

PS…Thank you for this communication which has been most revealing.

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