Good Image Analysis of a UFO & Pilot Taken In Lancashire UK

Image Analysis of a UFO & Pilot Filmed In UK


The UFOs communicate to the Paranormal Shaman about how the UFO works.

With Images of the UFO in flight and a further fascinating insight by David Adair.

Researcher and UFO encounter experiencer Tony Topping also comments that the UFOs are using technology 700 years ahead of humanity, The craft can morph like the technology seen on the film The Abyss.

 “The craft you are referring to is watching you from a two-mile distance, the faces that are present are part of the crew within the confines of the craft.    Your right in your understanding of the technical knowledge used to allow the craft to manoeuvre, it is thought transference of a Bio electrical nature interfacing magnetically and induced chemically through the fluid membrane which covers the cavity between the inner and outer skins which houses the consciousness of this craft’s Bio structure the beings faces are projected via the crafts energised structure through interfacing with the craft.” Said the ET to Paranormal Shaman.

 Tony Topping also finds these remarks fascinating as they are like a comment given by David Adair, when he viewed a UFO engine Propulsion system at Area 51. David is interviewed by Robert Stanley. Paranormal Shaman was not aware of David Adair. Tony has also indicated some of the craft are fully AI capable.

David Adair comments.

David.  “Anyway, when I placed my hands on the engine to pull myself up, I began climbing up the exterior of the engine, which was designed with an exoskeletal structure. The best way to explain this is to look at the designs of H. R. Geiger, he is the designer that created all the sets of the Alien movies.

Robert.  What happened when you touched it?

David.    It was warm, which didn’t make sense at all. It was so cold in the hanger, you could almost see your breath. I looked around on the floor and saw no power lines and asked myself, “How in the world could this alloy be staying warm?” And it was hard. It was the hardest material I have ever touched. I didn’t give anywhere. The surface cohesion tension on it felt more like a baby’s skin. It was supple, but hard and warm.

Robert.   That is weird, especially for mental.

David.     Yeah, and I was thinking. “What the heck is going on?” And as I was crawling up everywhere, I touched the surface and it reacted.  When I turned, and looked at the air force guys, all their mouths were open, so I assumed that the reaction they were seeing hadn’t happened for them, because wherever I touched it there were these amazing blue and white swirls moving down through the hull of this thing. It looked like wave lengths that you see on an oscilloscope. When I pulled my hands off, it stopped. And I said “Wow! This thing is reacting” So I continued to climb up until I reached the centre area. It had these vertebrae that branched off, cascading,

fibre-like. They looked almost like fibre optic cables filled with fluid. They were very small tubes the size of angel pasta. There were millions of these things cascading over the hull of this engine. And I thought to myself “ Boy, these patterns look familiar” then it dawned on me, they looked like neural synaptic firing patterns. There were millions of them going out everywhere on this thing, so I thought maybe the engine was designed with an exoskeletal brain. And at that point, I reached out and grabbed some of the fibres and found they were tough and they had fluid in them. So, whenever I touched no matter what I touched, there would be a reaction to it like a tremor of visual lights.

As I walked down into the damaged area of this thing, I finally said to the air force guys, “You know this is a power plant. It is more than a propulsion system, it is a power plant, it obviously came out of a big vehicle, a craft of some kind. Where is that craft located?” Now they were not happy with me, but I continued “A craft like this must have a crew, what did you do with these people? This is clearly not American or Soviet technology, is it boys? This is an extra-terrestrial entity, how old is it?  Did you dig it up? Is it millions of years old or did you guys shoot it down?” And man, did they really get upset. They told MP’S to take me down off the engine. As I was coming down, I was really pissed off, I was so pissed off as I had enough.

Back to Paranormal Shaman with his comments and observations from the channelling source.

PS.  “Why are they watching me?”

ET.    “You are not being monitored you’re being telepathically guided to take the photos that are required to be taken”

PS.    Please bear in mind the distance involved (Two miles) and the fact it was a pitch black moonless night. The only adjustments I ever make to any photos I have taken is contrast, brightness, and contrast to enhance what is naturally there in the photos.     

 Images Before Analysis Sizes Not Altered

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      Images Under Analysis Results.


UFO on approach low directly over us in Woods Chorley Lancashire


The UFO is enlarged and filtered communication with pilot is telepathically established.


Above photo. Enlarged view of the pilot. The crew members were alive and in control of the craft at the time of the photo being taken. You are looking at a rare photograph of life that resides beyond our planet’s atmosphere.

A clear demonstration of manifesting and seeing of the pilot in the UFO by further image analysis.

Does ET intelligence exist for me a resounding YES! Due to my contact with various groups of them. But you must make your own mind up?. This craft came forward accelerating very fast no more than 1000 feet above our heads but it was burning up the air content which was highly visible due to the flaming effect displayed via the flaming long tail, awesome I might add. After witnessing such a pre-planned event I can imagine previous ancestral civilisations thinking that they might have seen a dragon? PS.