Living The Life Of The Two Spirit

The ‘Two-Spirit’ people of indigenous North Americans



Why have I put the pictures of a Kachina doll of this page? The pictures alone don’t tell a story of connection with anything, do they? OK, let me share the reason for the photos with you. I am aware of many tribes that I have had life experiences with. Some as a warrior, some as a genuine two spirit person. If you’re wondering what a two-spirit person is so let me explain briefly via an article that appeared in the……….

The Guardian, web site of the year.

Walter L Williams.   Monday 11 October 2010 12.28 BST

 Native Americans have often held inter-sex, androgynous people, feminine males and masculine females in high respect. The most common term to define such persons today is to refer to them as “two-spirit” people, American Indian traditionalists, even today, tend to see a person’s basic character as a reflection of their spirit. Since everything that exists is thought to come from the spirit world, androgynous or transgender persons are doubly blessed, having both the spirit of a man and the spirit of a woman. Thus, they are honoured for having two spirits, and are more spiritually gifted than the typical masculine male or feminine female. Therefore, many Native American religions, rather than stigmatising such persons, often looked to them as religious leaders and teachers. Quite similar religious traditions existed among the native peoples of Siberia and many parts of Central and south-east Asia. Since the ancestors of Native Americans migrated from Siberia over 20,000 years ago, and since reports of highly respected androgynous persons have been noted among indigenous Americans from Alaska to Chile, androgyny seems to be quite ancient among humans…

The above writings are quite accurate and researched by the author Walter L Williams, so I will now pick up my experience into the subject. I have been a   two-spirit person in five different tribes to my knowledge in four tribes, the Pawnee, the Navaho, the Lakota Nation and the Hopi, five of those life experiences were Two Spirited.

Below is some of the Two Spirit terms in Tribal language…….


Navajo Male-/female-/inter-sexed-bodied: Nadleeh or nadle (gender class/category), nadleehi (singular), nadleehe (plural) (“one in a constant state of change,” “one who changes,” “being transformed”) ………… Hopi: Male-bodied: Ho’va…………. Pawnee: Male-bodied: Ku’saat………… Dakota/Lakota/Nakota (Oyate): Male-bodied Winkte, a contraction of winyanktehca.  (‘wants’ or ‘wishes’ to be [like a] woman”) …………………. Potawatomi Male-bodied: M’netokwe (“supernatural, extraordinary,” Manito plus female suffix). 


Five times in those tribe’s I was two spirited, the other life experiences were hunter / warrior experiences. A true two spirited person at the point of conception has literally two separate spirits enter the energetic bio magnetic expression of who that person will turn out to be. In those lives the male side of me was the dominate spirit, the female spirit energetic expression is melded into the male spirit as one being, the female spirit does not get born in to the physical world. Basically, three things happen from the melding, 1. The male is born free away from social restrictions and conformities, always psychic and Dimensionally enhanced in healing and Extra-terrestrial connections, it is born with past life experience and knowledge for who it has been throughout eternity’s journey but not used, only the lives appertaining to its present birth can or are re-lived in the journey of self-discovery. We all inherit the same energetic expression of who we have been without exception, we also inherit the parentage history energetically, that’s why not all addictive problems are our own. Being born true two spirited has the history of the female expression also plus parentage lines. My memories encompass looking after the orphaned children due to raiding parties and out right tribal wars, part of my male dominate lives as a hunter / warrior has given me the past knowledge of killing in raiding parties. My visual memories of dancing with the women, healing the sick, healing rituals of spirit and being the tribal mid-wife and counselling the tribal elders at meetings due to all those lives being a person who has Extra-terrestrial connections and meetings with them at times. I was the tribal midwife in those past life expressions and in my present incarnation due to being trained in midwifery as an ambulance person and had the opportunity to assist in the delivery of two births.


So back to the photos of the Kachina doll, how did it come into my life? I was passing a local charity shop when the impulse to go in came across me, entering the shop in the middle was a centre shelving array the full length of the shop, my eyes came out on storks like a cartoon character or that’s what it felt like, I knew what I was look at, on the top of the shelving display was a Kachina doll! I picked it up with a beaming enlarged smile, paid for it and set off home totally forgetting were I was supposed to be going originally. A dear mediumistic friend gave me a message from the Hopi elder ancestors stating that the doll was not there by accident but there to remind me of who I had been? Wow the doll had found its way from somewhere in the Four corners area of America to a small charity shop local to me! The dolls name is Omopo, or that’s what I have been told since, it represents the tribal protector, protector of women and children, midwife, healer, tribal councillor and warrior, as I did and could change from carer to warrior when required. So, that the reason I have shared the pictures and story with you my journeying companion, hope you found it interesting. love to you all.