ET & Our Sun A Channelled Communication With An ET.

Some Revealing Facts About ET Visitation & Our Sun


A telepathic questioning and answering session with the being called Anther

Hi, if you might know or have ever heard of the action that is at present appearing to happen around our sun for the last ten years or so don’t be alarmed at the videos below supplied for educational purposes only.

Question  What appears to be happening around our Sun with all these objects that have been filmed by the NASA. ESA satellites You tube ETC ?.

Answer. The reason for the objects is to investigate your Sun & it’s solar storms and to minimise the destructive nature of the instability of the spheres ejection rate. Your scientists have correctly estimated that a solar maximum is due but don’t have the technology to prevent damage to your planet.

After Sun Explosion, Aliens Fleet UFOs Arrive Around The Sun, Feb 25, 2014 you tube

We of the Galactic Council are assembled around your Sun to protect your planet and our own longer-term interests as all events are interconnected and not just localised events. The objects that are observed are of a type that contain the abilities to shield any ejected material from the spheres surface should it be necessary to do so.  Interference in the natural actions of any planetary sphere is not taken lightly due to unforeseen effects that can be found after any preventive action taken which is not of a natural occurrence.


Giant Alien Machine Drains Power from The Sun. 

There has been much interest in the filmed planetary sized object which is removing material from the Suns surface. This large object which you can call an Earth type super tanker is stabilising the atomic make up of a localised area upon the Suns surface and the collected material will be used in other ways to benefit other civilisations needs else were as an energy source.

Is The Sun Creating New Planets

The Dark Energy siphoning sphere in question is approximately 15.7 times the mass of your Earth. It originates from outside of this universe. Many Multiverse Federations and Galactic Councils are there to help your species evolve. The time draws near when you will be joining your rightful place with your family members of the stars once more.

Question On one of the videos there is a cube type craft / structure that is enormous by anyone’s standards on my world. Who created this machine? Does it have a crew? What purpose would such a machine fore fill? Is it from our universe or from another?

Alien Cube and Wormhole Appear Next to Sun. 

Answer. The machine as you call it is built by a species that are explorers and are a very ancient race that has been in existence for Millions of your years. The craft is manned by a crew that are controlling it by their thought emissions.

The crafts dimensions are of no importance as the type of technology used is not understandable by your scientists yet it would be more suited to what you might refer to as being of a Scifi writer’s imagination as the craft can expand and shrink its mass at the will of the crews thought emissions needs.


Your world at this moment in its history is attracting a lot of attention due to the complexities of your species conscious transition from one entrenched reality to the new concept of Life you are all creating as I speak to you.

Your species understands of other universes and dimensional realities is on the verge of being expanded due to your individualised growing awareness of new conceptual ideas as to who you are as a species.


Many civilisations in the stars use thought emissions to protect and create their planetary needs such as weather control, external space objects, creating exploration multiverse craft that can be built in any dimensional craft sizes that they require to be achieved.

Your species are on the threshold of the most exciting times ahead even to the new understanding of your unwritten planetary history that waits to be revealed, it will open more universal awareness for your populace on your world that you have never been alone for the last five billion years. The multi layered dimensional realities that are teeming with Life are yours to rediscover in your quests to find out who you are individually and as a unified collective.

Below is a video with more objects that are within and around the sun.

Huge UFO Mothership Caught Near Sun.

Thank you, Anther, for sharing your understandings of the questions I have asked you on be-half of us all. DEX

With Love to you all, Dex. The Paranormal Shaman.