Communication With An Off World Visitor Part 1 Her Home World



Name. Luci …Gender.  Female …Height.  4 ft. 7 inches …

Age.   2000 (Earth years) …Average life span. 13000 (Earth years) …

Home World.    One of four occupied planets in the Virgo system…

Virgo is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for virgin, and its symbol is ♍. Lying between Leo to the west and Libra to the east, it is the second largest constellation in the sky (after Hydra). It can be easily found through its brightest star, Spica.[1]


This is one of Luci’s ancestors who was fatally wounded in an accident 23,000 thousand years ago, on this planet. He was 11,363 Earth years in age at the time of his passing.


       The picture above is a psychic artist’s impression of Luci. The story behind the pictures started a few years ago, at a Probe International conference, on a Saturday night all the conference speakers go back to the main hotel to meet the conference audience as a meal is normally arranged.

While waiting for the meal to be served I was seated in the lounge, when a lady came and sat down beside me. Her name was Florence: She asked me if I was aware of a female ET standing beside me? I replied that I was a told her of Luci. (Refer to Luci’s Cultural information) 




We parted company and went to different tables for our meals. Around two months later I received an unexpected large envelope in the mail & on opening it I found a picture of Luci and a letter (Pictures Above) What had happened was, Luci contacted Florence and sat and posed in her ceremonial dress so that I could have the picture.

Luci is not in spirit, she is a fully formed physical being on her home world in the Virgo star system. Luci has never visited Earth personally via a UFO craft as she can and does traverse time and space as depict in the picture with the energy coming from her third eye. The first time she showed me herself was via the third eye, her face was beaming with a smile that radiated pure Love, it physically stopped my breathing.

The whole experience lasted 7 seconds and showed me that physically and emotionally we are not evolved enough yet to cope with such pure Loving 

She has interacted with some of my friends to greater or  lesser degrees, so I don’t need tablets and a rubber room to bounce off of at the local psychiatric hospital.


Over 96% of all that I have experienced has involved one or more multiple witness’s that have felt & interacted with the individual experiences. plus latent memory recall from their past life experiences which is common around me for some reason or other.



PS: Luci, can you give some background information on your culture to share with the readers.

We are a race that evolved from what you might call insects many millions of years ago, we have colonised four planets in the area that you call the Virgo star system. Our civilisation is 20 million spread over four planets. 

Virgo Home of Luci

Virgo is a congested constellation with 26 known exoplanets — planets outside of the solar system — orbiting around 20 stars, and at least a dozen Messier objects. It is the largest constellation of the Zodiac and the second-largest constellation overall, behind Hydra.

We are interconnected to each other’s thoughts and feelings on our evolutionary path. Our outlook is one of co-operation with many different species from a wide field of planetary bodies. We don’t have any monetary systems as everything is free to be shared between us all due to the process of our connected structure of reality. 


Our craft take 5.16 earth minutes to travel from my planet’s atmosphere to your planet’s atmosphere. Our atmosphere is breathable-open to yourselves for short periods of time as it contains elements not found in your worlds atmosphere, therefore the duration of exposure for the average human being is determined by their health, age and fitness levels. In our past humans, have been on our worlds but prehistory when you had star travel abilities.  


We as a race have had many connections with the various races that have inhabited your world in those unrecorded times.

There are many species that are protecting your world from those that would interfere with your natural evolution. Not all species are aligned with the naturalness of life, as is the Galactic Council you served on. 


Our species conceives in much the same way as your selves, but anatomical differences do exist. Our children are born the same way that your species give birth. I have a child of what you would call 7 years of age, but he is over 175 earth years old. I am equivalent to a 28-year-old female of your earth, but I am 2000 earth years old. We have an average life span of 13 thousand earth years due to the type of planetary rotation and atmospheric make up which gives us a longer span of experience in our reality.


Due to the impending shift in realities, it is important to become yourselves, which is your natural state of bring that hides behind your individual masks of fear.


Your collective is to be established over the next 25 years of your earth years. When I say collective I am not implying that your sovereignty or individuality is threatened in any way, it is more of a new awareness of life in a different density of awareness. There are many what you might call souls, spirits and the embodied that would have liked to be in all your life positions right now. 


It is a fact that if you were all removed from your world it would be filled a hundred plus times over again from those that would trade places with all of you.

The reasons for most you being there is in your histories being experienced with countless life experiences of living in collective systems which is to be found in your DNA, at the appropriate time. Fear not the changes as they become established for they are the tools that will create your world anew.


The way that your world is evolving is a miracle to behold in such an energised chaotic expression of light. 


Your species is on the brink of some alterations of your collective reality on what and who you are and a deeper awareness of life to usher in a time of eventual peace and exploration of unrestricted space-time travel. 


We admire your need to express your understandings of life in a lower density reality brought about in conjunction with the heavier magnetic nature of your planet. If a very small amount of your species keeps pushing the door of change that your requiring on your world, to bring about a more creative peaceful collective minded reality, then that will lessen the impact of change when it happens in your very near futures.

 PS.   Luci, can you share with us the what and how telepathy& mediumship works and how the friends of earth communicate.


Luci.    There are many beings that are waiting to assist your species that you call Friends of earth. They come from a wide spectrum of life and not all are capable of communication on the level of your understanding.


PS, we communicate via the water content of our bodies which is Telepathically generated within our minds when we visualise one and other it is activated instantly via the water which is like a relay station for transmitting and receiving our thoughts and impressions. 

Water is conscious of the environment no matter what location or state of being anywhere in the reality of this Universe.  So to travel what appears to your species great distances now in your technological understanding is an inaccuracy, we do not send anything to each other because water communicates instantaneously throughout the space that appears to separate our individual locations.

PS:   Are you saying water has emotions?.


Luci.   It is the emotionally charged  magnetic charge that gives the water its ability to store and remember by holding in place your reality within the experience that you created / co-created. Water is a medium that carries an emotional charge of the past and present experienced events within its structure. It’s the movement of energy being made material at our reality level that contains a charge of experience and judgement.

PS.   Luci, what if any is the composition of water in your physical form?

Luci.   It is around 30 to 50% in volume.

PS.   Is water conscious of its self?

Luci.  Yes, it is an ability of its structure to communicate within its self the actions of its location which is known by all the structure everywhere in the Universe in what you refer to as real-time.                                                                     Luci. 17. 09. 2011.

Advice.    Your beliefs about unresolved hurt can create physical effects with the power to damage or kill prematurely. The same principles that allow us to hurt ourselves into death also work in reverse, allowing us to heal ourselves into health. Oṃ śānti śānti śānti.



Paranormal Shaman (Dex)