The Galactic Council A Channelled Transcript.

The appearance of Nordic ET near my friends house they delivered an extraordinary vision too him warning the world to change direction from impending conflict. Brought to life by Lloyd Canning

 Communication began in 2010. As well as being an accurate psychic and healer I also channel and this is an extract from a channelling from the Galactic Council.

Q. Would any of my friends and associates care to remark on the present state of affairs on my world and give advice from their prospective?

A. We of the Galactic Council wish to comment on the experiences that your world is experiencing at this time in your history.

We do not judge any action that is taken by any individual or collective nor do we have any hidden agendas. The disruptive actions in parts of your world are the accumulation of beliefs that conflict with the natural order of life. We in many of our own histories have experienced similar histories all be it in the very distant past.

The way forward is to peacefully denounce all violence and chaotic actions by the elected people that are there to serve the individual nations interests. There is only one way forward and it must be through the understanding that might is not right as experienced throughout the universe.

Although many civilisations have and will in the future disregard the wisdom of those words, they. like your world, will reach a time, which you are at now. When the evolutionary first steps will be taken into a new awareness of life and a greater understanding that life in its many forms does exist outside of the reality that you are now moving away from.

As before in your unrecorded past you were valued members of the Galactic Council and will be in the future. Life follows a natural rhythm that if recognised and understood allows for more peaceful creative expressions of the individual and the whole collective of the universe that your world resides in.

The actions of your species are not restricted to the boundaries of your planet, the energised emotionalised actions are transmitted out in to the universe at large. Know that the technology that you are using will be replaced by a more natural non-polluting energy that is in keeping with life on your world and everywhere.

As generations of your species replace each other through the naturalness of life processes your species will become established in the ability to self heal and extend your life expectancy  9 fold highest to the highest evolutionary stage on your world.

We advise the various groups that are in the process of not sharing the advanced technology at their disposal with the world at large to reconsider their actions that contravenes the openness of life, to share and cooperate with your fellow species that which they are retaining and helping advance the unstoppable changes that are coming.

(When we do the sums of 9 fold, if we say the average life span is around 80 years of age = 80 x 9 = 720  years of age averaged.)


A question to the Galactic Council…….

From your joint Council Members, I am asking about your insights as to where we as a species are in understanding a bigger picture of life….

Your species are advancing at a faster pace from the last time we communicated. Progress is noticeable in the areas of fear based misunderstandings as to the political affairs in areas of your world.

Many galactic societies are watching the progress of many political leaders and their administrations as to outcomes planned or on hold. A common populace fear in Europe is the start of world three.  The near start of a global nuclear war would be intervened by off world galactic parties that would be damaged by such actions on our world.

Throughout the universe everything is interconnected and not individualised as your species view it, the actions of the one effects the many, thence that would be a last resort action to take as it is preferred that your leaders find other options to pursue.

We are not here collectively to intervene or take your collective responsibilities away from you. Your species in time will realise that all life everywhere is in tune with its self but not recognised by many of your species globally yet. We watch in amazement as to the forward steps your species is progressively making.

Communication Date.  15. 02. 2017.           15.11 hours.