Paranormal Shaman My Philosophy

The Philosophy of The Paranormal Shaman


You are a Divine Particle of self-aware light.

My understanding and outlook on Life is my own and with little influence from books, DVDs or lectures from other people or their experiences. As an individual and a member of the collective tribe called humans on the one land mass called Earth, my beliefs encompass one of our uniquely individualised personage within the collective potential for a larger, I believe saner collective view of Life that could give future generations a greater awareness that there is only Life no matter where your conscious awareness resides.



Back in 1993 my Life took a different turn to the one that I was habitually living. The word habitual covers a lot of excuses for not living Life that we can live and for some might wish to live, if fear of change wasn’t so deep-rooted in to many people’s very core of expectation from Life.

Please may I ask you my fellow soul traveller, did you awake this morning with a big beaming smile on your face?  Did you think or even shout out  I am Life? Did you decide what you would write in your empty book of Life? open across your chest that will create your next 24 hours. Are you here to survive  or are you here to live Life every minute of every day?.

Do we ever know or truly understand the major and minor fears that are held on to within our biological wondrous machine called the mind and body?

Do you fear the action called death? or do you embrace the word and meaning with your innate intuitive understanding as you would embrace Life?.

Such a lot of questions, but that is only but a few from the perceived surface iceberg of self-aware knowledge. As a very mentalist race of beings we have built a web of delusion. there are experts for this and that, whatever the subject might be.  

Too me we are all students of Life in a state of remembrance and not learning. Let me suggest to you the only expert knowing about you is You. It is helpful to get advice on anything if you connect your intuition or inner knowing that is acceptable within your consciousness to the result that is required but alas, toOmany are beguiled by the word expert and we give our responsibility away towards our selves.

Do you really want change on your world? Why? Change in what way? How will you go about making the changes that you perceive that need changing? Please allow me to make this observation based on my own Life experiences, You cannot change Life’s perceived reality out there if you can’t change your perception of reality within you. That statement is very powerful don’t you think? To change my self is to change my outer world? How does that work?.

As a creative being that you truly are it is well within your scope abilities to change your inner understandings of Life and who you are or Think you are, if you need to. If you ever doubt your creative juices, intuition and abilities, there is a sentence that if understood can align so simply the truth of who you are which is…


The above statement  when I came across it made me see myself in a different way that I hadn’t recognised before, it is simple and straight to the point, food for thought perhaps.


We in the Western society are very mentalist & left brain orientated, That’s not wrong due to being in an amnesic heavy magnetic world environment that can and does constrain our outlooks periodically, but maybe it is time to change for those that wish to.

Our individualised realities in a world that has abundance of everything required to eradicate hunger, hate, war, greed, financial servitude, and the largest of all illusions that You own land on a one land mass planet, where we are all the stewards and caretakers in a unified collective tribe called Humanity. Change or not to change is the question that many are now seeking within themselves globally, so all I can say is “Time will tell the needs of the Tribe”


Love to you all Dex The Paranormal Shaman

To add dear reader the above is my present outlook but It is  not cast in stone in any which way, as Life is an expression of movement announcing itself in all its myriad of forms and experiences, so as I like your good self are Life, change is always an inevitable constant.