A Warm Welcome From The Paranormal Shaman

With Love From Dex Paranormal Shaman


Welcome to my pages…

 It is for those that seek a larger and wider outlook beyond any localised or social paradigm limitations about who and what you are. Or put another way is the age-old questions, who am I? what am I ?  what am I supposed to be doing while I’m here? I cannot answer the first or third question for you, but I can share with you my own insights and spiritual adventures as to what you are potentially. Still interested? then please perusal these pages for a while as we traverse the subjects that lay before you.

 A brief history of me.

I am not a story teller but I have a story to tell. Born into a family in 1946, consisting of a Father, Mother, Gran mother and four sisters, my upbringing was good with loving caring people around me. The furthest I have memories of go back to the age around 22 months, which would not become a full realisation in my memories for over some forty years in to the future. The second experience started at the age of three which turned out to be based in time travel and past lives lived as was the experience at 22 months of age, both recalled due to the conditions unknown to myself at the time effecting my present life. Career wise I have no complaints as the variation of over 17 odd completely different trades ranging from, Accident and Emergency Ambulanceman, decorative art glass maker and company director, Consultant to Pilkington glass lamination division Liverpool, Demolition top man, Royal Mint worker, Taxi owner driver the list goes on, what really became the meaningful epicentre-centre of my life took place in 1994 when I asked a question of life? Oh, boy did I get an unexpected answer and the saga continues.dwx1