The Traumas Of Past Lives Manifest In The Now.

The Traumas Of Past Lives Manifest In The Now.


Allow me to share yet another page of my personal experienced history. This subject is yet again backed up with photos and a video but at the end of the day it’s for you to make your mind up as always.

This experience was set in 1997/98, I was on YouTube one morning when I was guided to come across a video that was taken in a non-medical hospital in China. I remember thinking what is a non-medical hospital? Never heard of that? So, watching said video of which the subject matter had me memorized I must admit,

It showed the healing of a women that had terminal cancer that western medicine could not cure, so she tried the non-invasive approach having nothing to lose I presumed? Any way me being me I felt a strong urge to see what It really contained. Downloaded it in a flash, stripped it frame by frame bingo!  I wasn’t expecting what I found let me tell you.

This woman had a 3-inch terminal tumour on the wall of her bladder, as seen on the left side of the screen frozen, the right side of the screen is where the healing takes place in the video. Below is the video for you to watch, it is self-explanatory.

Hope you found it interesting?   what follows is photographic proof as far as I am concerned. As I came across the photos of which I have many in sequence, so I have listed the better-quality ones below for you, accompanied with an unexpected communication outlining what it was about and why I had been guided to it so here goes.

Photo one below is a cleaned-up photo of the tumour


So above is the offending tumour, I will leave you to make of it what you will?……..

​Photo Two, below was taken from the video as the tumour started to disappear as you have witnessed in the viewing.


 As you can see three faces have been captured, at this point this is where the communication started. It is as follows,“This lady has a tumour manifested from a past trauma that she experienced in another life, she was mistreated by her male relations. The manifest faces are some of her male relations from the experience.

Two faces appear protruding from the wall of the bladder, two more are manifesting from within the bladder wall. The memory has come from her DNA historical past experiences which houses all that you have created and experienced through time immemorial of your eternal journeys. Such was the strong memory of this event it manifests as a tumour into her physical reality”.

That is very powerful information and I was very touched on many levels by it, from the left side of the technicians VDU screen on the video the tumour has a facial likeness to it? And as for the left side of the VDU screen I am in no doubt as to what I am seeing. So,  make of it what you will as I’m not here to persuade you or anyone else to think in any given way, I am just sharing with you some of my experienced photographed and verbal communications from my history so far.

Love To You All Dex The Paranormal Shaman



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