Why Does Earth Not Feel Like Home?.

I  posted the attached video for a reason, a good reason, so many people are wondering as they adjust their reality of who and what they are? where did they come from? Why are you here? Why does planet Earth not feel like home? These and many more question can unsettle us? It’s all most like a quiet constant nagging of the mind and emotions, a pulling of the Heart to remember something that is never expressing its self fully to you? An emotional mystery of an incomplete kind? Many I have met don’t feel like they don’t want to be located on this world for unknown reasons to themselves?,

Well the video below is in the hope that some viewers might find an understanding  as to why they have or might be feeling any of the above questions.  A simple answer to it is, it’s all down to your ancestry within your DNA, the ancestry of who you have been over billions of life experiences that’s all.

None of them good nor bad in content unless judged as they are just self created, interactive with countless others not excluding special uncountable soul mates we have loved but never lost in the uncountable theatres of Life that is ongoing as I write this down.


 If you are affected in any way watching the video, which might have an inner vibratory response or an emotional joyful and sometimes tearful response or no response at all, be relaxed about it either way, for some of you are reminding yourself naturally of your multiverse history. Why are you here I personally have no idea? If you relax and allow your DNA sequences to get to work many of you can be guided by your past  histories  before eaeth in remembering a larger, broader understanding of life and who you are expressing it in the now, so enjoy the journey but please consider this advice…


You were not forced to come as you are all Dimensional Masters of realities in an amnesic state of being trying to remember, that you have much to offer in helping planet Earth, and its peoples create a new self-ware unified way forward for us all.

May Life Bless us all in the discoveries of who we really are as they unfold within us.  


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